Mike and Ike Craving OMG

Made the fantastic choice last night to go buy some Mike and Ikes (another craving of mine) only to fine that Cadbury chocolate was on sale. Cookie Crunch. My all time fav. Sigh. So I bought two chocolate bars and a box of Mike and Ikes. Help this woman have a little self control.

I also have to say screw you Starbucks and your wifi and delicious coffee and chewy cookies. Yeah Starbucks happened yesterday too.

Starbucks Total $4 (ish…)
Candy Total $6.40

Grand Total- $10.40-ish

Let’s get back on the healthy track this the next week. I just finished up a giant batch of borscht I made last week. Need to look for another dirt cheap healthy veggie soup to make. So awesome for these frozen winter days.