New dinner recipes and terrible purchases!

Since Sunday I have bought…

Burger King$7
Mike and Ike’s-$2
Tuna sub (Subway)-$5
Starbucks- $6
Granola bars(I have to ban myself, I inhale granola bars) $5
Loaf of bread-$2
Wine(does it count? Sigh, it counts) $11

Total:$50.50 (or something)

But tomorrows a new day. Its a new week. Im heading to the gym first thing. Hoping that’ll set the tone for the day. Put me in a good mood. This week has definitely been a bunch of emotional eating. Got to work on that. Wayyyy over budget.



Tasty Chicken Meatballs with Mashed Potatoe

Made my chicken meatballs today! They were slightly burnt but tasty!

Here’s the recipe

0.5 kg ground chicken
1 egg
1 Tablespoon chopped Green onions
2 tablespoon chopped Onion
Two chopped toes of Garlic
Half of a chopped Tomato
1 tablespoon ketchup
Ground pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl (use a spoon, what ever, I used my hands). Prepare frying pan with a couple teaspoons of olive oil at medium heat. Scoop chicken mixture into little balls and place them on the frying pan. Make sure non of them touch each other. I cooked mine in two batches. After they’ve cooked for a couple minutes (or burnt…) flip them over and cook until meat inside is no longer pink.

I also cooked up a mashed potatoe to eat with my chicken balls.

I estimate this lunch cost around $3 ($2.50 for 6 meatballs and 0.50 for the mashed potatoes) Now I have some onion to eat with my perogies!