$100 a month on food???

I started this page a while ago, but have posted absolutely nothing on it so far… Recently Ive decided to better track my food spending. This blog is a perfect way to do it…so here’s my first post. Today went to Save-On- Foods . I bought

1 lemon-$0.69
6 bananas-$1.61
1 multigrain baguette-$1.99
Low fat Sour Cream-$3.42
Cheese string-$5.99

Total $16.55

I will aim for spending $25 a week (possibly super difficult living in downtown toronto!) but I’ll try. I’ll also post anything I eat out and count that Im my totals (even my coffee runs) Im hoping that by better tracking what I buy and being careful with what I spend I will eat less and better quality food. There are 3 conscience stores, a Tim Hortons and a Starbucks within two blocks of where I live. Hoping this money thing will stop me from making unhealthy purchases.