New dinner recipes and terrible purchases!

Since Sunday I have bought…

Burger King$7
Mike and Ike’s-$2
Tuna sub (Subway)-$5
Starbucks- $6
Granola bars(I have to ban myself, I inhale granola bars) $5
Loaf of bread-$2
Wine(does it count? Sigh, it counts) $11

Total:$50.50 (or something)

But tomorrows a new day. Its a new week. Im heading to the gym first thing. Hoping that’ll set the tone for the day. Put me in a good mood. This week has definitely been a bunch of emotional eating. Got to work on that. Wayyyy over budget.


Cheapest stir-fry ever

So had have a couple cans of tuna I got on sale for about $0.70 and still have a chunk of cabbage to use up.

Chopped up the cabbage and some green onion. Threw it in a pan with some olive oil. Got a 1/3cup of brown rice cooking and then added a can of tuna to the cabbage and green onion once they were looking slightly cooked. Threw in a tablespoon of soya sauce and stirred it all together.


Mike and Ike Craving OMG

Made the fantastic choice last night to go buy some Mike and Ikes (another craving of mine) only to fine that Cadbury chocolate was on sale. Cookie Crunch. My all time fav. Sigh. So I bought two chocolate bars and a box of Mike and Ikes. Help this woman have a little self control.

I also have to say screw you Starbucks and your wifi and delicious coffee and chewy cookies. Yeah Starbucks happened yesterday too.

Starbucks Total $4 (ish…)
Candy Total $6.40

Grand Total- $10.40-ish

Let’s get back on the healthy track this the next week. I just finished up a giant batch of borscht I made last week. Need to look for another dirt cheap healthy veggie soup to make. So awesome for these frozen winter days.


Tasty Chicken Meatballs with Mashed Potatoe

Made my chicken meatballs today! They were slightly burnt but tasty!

Here’s the recipe

0.5 kg ground chicken
1 egg
1 Tablespoon chopped Green onions
2 tablespoon chopped Onion
Two chopped toes of Garlic
Half of a chopped Tomato
1 tablespoon ketchup
Ground pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl (use a spoon, what ever, I used my hands). Prepare frying pan with a couple teaspoons of olive oil at medium heat. Scoop chicken mixture into little balls and place them on the frying pan. Make sure non of them touch each other. I cooked mine in two batches. After they’ve cooked for a couple minutes (or burnt…) flip them over and cook until meat inside is no longer pink.

I also cooked up a mashed potatoe to eat with my chicken balls.

I estimate this lunch cost around $3 ($2.50 for 6 meatballs and 0.50 for the mashed potatoes) Now I have some onion to eat with my perogies!




Chicken Balls Ingredients!

I realize this week has already been a bit of a fail trying to stay on budget because I bought all that chicken yesterday. But Im going to try and stretch it through February. I picked up a couple ingredients from the Lucky Moose in Chinatown to make chicken meat balls. I’m kind of using the chicken muffin recipe I found on Instagram by @mankofit. I don’t actually have and oven (or muffin tins!) so I’ll either bake them as meat ball in my toaster oven or use a frying pan. I’ll post the recipe and how they turned out tomorrow!! 🙂

American Tomatoe-$0.55
Green onions-$0.59
Spanish Onion-$1.17

Total $2.31


Chicken, chicken, chicken

So I went to Sobey’s to buy some Silk Original Almond milk but they’re always out! Ended up walking out with a bunch of ground chicken. It was on sale “buy 2 get one free”. It’s the fancy certified humane raised & handled brand Blue Goose; which makes be feel a little better about not being vegetarian anymore (ridiculous, I know. I should shut up now..) I’m not sure if I really saved money, but I’ll get crafty with the recipes (chicken muffins? Meat balls? Chilli? Soup? Casserole? Patties?) I also bought four apples. Anyone have any ideas for cheap fruit that isn’t bananas? Apples are not the cheapest where I live around this time of year.

4 apples (I already ate one..)-$3.54
1.308/kg Ground chicken-$13.62

Total 17.16